We mainly specialize in helping organizations recruit operatives, mid and high-level executives by sourcing, shortlisting, screening, and selecting while appointing suitable and qualified candidates to fill various roles either on a contractual basis or permanently.

Our services includes but are not limited to the following:

Staff Recruitment Services

We serve as an employment agency that constantly link employers with qualified employees by ensuring that our client human resource needs are met, through a careful analysis of the staff requisition request, with a detailed job analysis and specification which will guide us to fill all vacant positions and new roles with the most qualified candidate as requested.

We use various recruitment techniques that include advertising, using ideal talent database, networking, headhunting, personal referrals, social network activation (LinkedIn), as well as integrating various interview methods such as face to face, Skype/Watsapp video calls etc.

Our Recruitment Process

Here is a list of our recruitment services and process from start to finish:


Candidates tells us all about their dreams, including the skills, attributes and experience they need to bring to the role. We can even headhunt and poach to search for niche roles ensuring you have high-level talent.

Sourcing Talent

We advertise roles across different outlets using a unique combination of trusted job websites, media channels and social media to ensure the job role is seen by the right people.

Screening & Shortlisting

We proof-read and check all CVs and personally interview applicants face to face or over Skype, Zoom and LinkedIn (If necessary) so that you end up with a shortlist of at least 3 strong candidates.

Final Selection

We will be on hand during the entire interview process, offering advice from interview procedures to contract and salary negotiations.

Follow Up Procedure

The final step is to ensure a happy and best fit, so four weeks after appointment, we will be in touch with a site visit in person to access the progress of the staff employed.

We Offer Flexible Contracts

We can source recruits for your company to suit any contract length:
  • Permanent Roles
  • Temporary Roles
  • Short Term Contracts
  • Hours, Day and Night Shift Management

Total Employee Management

We are willing to help you manage your employees after onboarding for a minimum period of six (6) months, after which a detailed performance evaluation (based on the client request) - will be carried out on the staff to determine his/her suitability for the position.

We also integrate performance incentive and motivation scheme to increase employee productivity. Term and Condition will be highlighted in the contract.

Automated Staff Attendance And Employee Shift Management

We assist in managing employee attendance register and scheduling employee shifts to ensure timeliness, proper handover as well as improve organizational time management and consciousness.

Background Check

This service involves verifying the information supplied to us by an applicant during the interview process. Depending on the complexity of checks required by our clients, we may also partner with law enforcement agencies to make better checks.

Human Resource Administration

We offer services ranging from creating an organized culture and structure for organizations, designing company’s organogram and staff handbook, drafting a job description and KPI’s, induction program design and implementation, succession planning, HMO Management.

We also develop templates for offer letters and contract of employment, reviewing and renewing of company policies and staff handbooks, development S.O.P for clients to organize organizational processes, etc.

Payroll Adminstration

We provide payroll management service for our client manually or electronically (through customized software) tailored to meet our client needs thereby ensuring proper compensation and benefits systems.

Staff Training And Development (Internal And External)

We help our clients organize internal client-specific training programs to improve their staff's soft and technical skills. We also partner with an external training organization to meet our client training needs for its staff.
We stand by our word. Our aim is to sucessfully recruit the right match for your company

Accreditation /Certifications

Complying with the latest industry standards to ensure high working practices, we are fully accredited and certified for your peace of mind.